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OPD Services

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The outpatient department is the first intermediary between a patient and the hospital staff. A patient first comes to the OPD for inspection and then the doctors from the OPD refer him/her to the respective departments of treatment according to the patient needs.

Services Provided by the OPD

OPDs provide all general services and facilities which are necessary for any hospital. OPDs act as the first step for consulting the doctor and getting the tests done to proceed with treatment. Through the services provided in OPD, the hospital works for the smooth functioning of the healthcare system. These services are classified as -

  • Prevention and wellness -
    OPDs provide guidance to the patients for overall wellness and prevention of health issues. Doctors guide patients to maintain a healthy weight, improve sleep, balance sugar levels, etc.

  • Diagnosis -
    OPD is the first place where the patient and doctor meet and discuss the patient's health condition. After discussing the issue, the doctor suggests the necessary tests for the patient. The lab tests and MRI scans are conducted in the OPD.

  • Treatment -
    Treatment and minor surgeries can be done in the outpatient department. We have all the necessary equipment to treat a patient. Surgeries such as cuts, wounds, etc., can be easily handled in the modern OPD.