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Training Program on Patient Engagement & Staff Etiquette

Feb 23 2024


Chirayu National Hospital & Medical Institute (CNHMI) recently hosted a transformative training session on "Patient Engagement, Social Responsibility & Staff Etiquette," underscoring the institution's commitment to advancing healthcare standards. The program, held on February 21, 2024, provided an invaluable opportunity for both senior and junior staff members to delve into essential aspects of ethical and responsible healthcare practices.

The training covered a spectrum of topics vital to the healthcare profession. From the crucial link between communication and patient safety to defining and emphasizing patient engagement, the sessions aimed to equip participants with practical skills for their daily responsibilities. Emphasis was placed on best practices for patient engagement, effective communication skills, and the significance of staff etiquette in healthcare settings.

With an active participation of 60 attendees, the program successfully aligned with the diverse roles and responsibilities of healthcare professionals. The incorporation of interactive elements was particularly effective, enhancing participants' understanding of the discussed topics.

The training did not solely focus on theoretical knowledge but also delved into the practical application of learned concepts in daily work. Impressively, participants expressed feeling well-prepared to apply the acquired knowledge in their professional roles, highlighting the program's success in bridging the gap between theory and practice.

The success of the training program reflects CNHMI's dedication to fostering ethical, responsible, and patient-centric healthcare practices. As the healthcare landscape evolves, CNHMI remains at the forefront, ensuring its staff is equipped with the knowledge and skills to provide exemplary service to the community. This training marks a significant step forward in the ongoing pursuit of excellence in healthcare at CNHMI.