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Road /Traffic Safety Awareness Program at Chirayu

Jan 03 2024


Kathmandu: In a significant stride towards fostering a safer road environment, Chirayu National Hospital & Medical Institute (CNHMI) conducted a groundbreaking "Road/Traffic Safety" Awareness Program on January 3rd, 2024. Under the expert guidance of Mr. Bharat Adhikari, Inspector, this 1.5-hour training session left an indelible mark on the 82 participants, comprising both senior and junior hospital staff.

The program, titled "Chirayu National Hospital & Medical Institute Champions Road Safety: Groundbreaking Program Takes the Wheel for Safer Roads in Kathmandu Valley", covered a diverse range of topics vital for road safety. From Traffic Rules and Regulations to Defensive Driving Techniques, Vehicle Maintenance, Safe Driving Practices, Impaired Driving Awareness, to Emergency Response and Environmental Considerations – the initiative aimed at equipping participants with a holistic understanding of responsible road behavior.

Mr. Adhikari, a seasoned professional, brought attention to alarming statistics from the years 2078/079 and 2079/080, unveiling the toll of accidents within Kathmandu Valley. The numbers, staggering and concerning, underscored the urgency of promoting heightened safety awareness. The comprehensive data revealed 10,733 accidents in the former year, resulting in 191 deaths and 19,473 vehicles involved. In the latter, 8,667 accidents occurred, leading to 172 deaths and 15,334 involved vehicles. These figures highlight the critical need for collective efforts in ensuring road safety.

Beyond the immediate human toll, Mr. Adhikari emphasized the broader consequences of vehicle accidents on development. Nearly 40% of pedestrians fall victim to accidents, and the economic impact is substantial, with millions of dollars flowing outside the country for the purchase of spare parts. The ripple effect extends to devastating impacts on families, lives, and legal consequences, including imprisonment for some individuals.

The program also shed light on the collaborative efforts required to address these challenges, particularly in a country with 2,787 traffic police officers. The CNHMI Awareness Program stands as a beacon of hope, aiming to equip the community with knowledge and skills to navigate roads safely. It not only reflects the commitment of CNHMI to community well-being but also underscores the collective responsibility we all share in ensuring road safety.

Participant Testimonial: Mr. Yubraj Paudel, Front Office In-charge, Applauds CNHMI's Road Safety Program

Amidst the diverse participants of CNHMI's Mr. Yubraj Paudel, Front Office In-charge, praised the initiative for its clear and impactful delivery. Reflecting on the program, he stated, "The program was delivered in a very clear manner, and we were given time to reflect on how we apply key elements being discussed." Mr. Paudel emphasized the practical benefits, noting that the course provided him with a stronger framework to develop and measure future road safety initiatives. He also highlighted the program's direct relevance to daily life, citing increased knowledge about traffic rules and regulations as being "fruitful for our daily life." Moreover, recognizing the program's collaborative nature, he affirmed its shareable quality within the professional setting, stating, "Shareable to colleagues." Mr. Yubraj Paudel's positive feedback underscores the program's success in providing practical insights, imparting valuable knowledge, and fostering a sense of collective responsibility for road safety among participants.

In conclusion, the "Road/Traffic Safety" Awareness Program at CNHMI marks a significant step towards creating a safer road environment in Kathmandu Valley. By educating and empowering individuals, the initiative paves the way for responsible road behavior, emphasizing that safety on our roads is a shared responsibility that transcends individual actions.